Next PHP version (7.4) will bring a lot of new exciting features. One of them is PHP Foreign Function Interface extension built directly into the core. But what problems exactly this extension is trying to solve? Does this mean that we no more need to write PHP extension if we want to use an existing library?
In this talk, we will together discover the way how to easily call almost any C library directly from PHP. Why we want to do this. How to overcome common pitfalls and most importantly when to use approach and when not.

What you'll learn from this talk:
- how to call C code from PHP without the necessity of writing an extension in any compiled language?
- how to quickly prototype simple PHP wrapper around C library?
- how to overcome common pitfalls?
- when to use this approach and when not?


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Very interesting new feature of PHP, covered in-depth.

A very dry topic, found it challenging to keep my attention levels up for the whole talk (although that may say more about me!)

Sg at 18:59 on 17 Nov 2019

Very interesting but very hermetic :)