We will have a look at and analyze workflows that are present in classic kebab place and Formula 1 pitstop. We will compare them with development team in a typical software company.

Presentation will explain basic concepts of the Theory of constraints and will show you how you can magnify flow of work at your team to get things done!


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A strong talk that made some very good points. I wasn't convinced at the start that Kebabs, F1 and DevOps would tie together, but I was completely wrong! Immediately identified some things that we could and should be doing better! Thanks!

I liked it because of given idea.

Karol Kreft at 17:43 on 17 Nov 2019

I enjoyed the talk, the not-obvious relation between kebabs, F1 and Continuous Delivery process was explained in a very interesting, sometimes funny way. It also has challenged the audience to think about how their process looks like and what can be improved in it.

I have smiled to myself when I passed near the Kebab Faktory on my way from Szczyrk :)

MG at 20:36 on 17 Nov 2019

Very nice talk. Now the only thing that i can think about is ... kebab :)