I've been doing PHP for 21 years now. I also worked as a consultant for ~10 years traveling from company to company, fixing, guiding, and re-architecting platforms during this time.

In this intermediate-level talk, I'll take the time to share with you everything I've learned along the way, from best practices, to clever tools and techniques you may never have heard of, to "what works, and what doesn't", to "making the most of PHP8".

If you're a PHP developer at the start of the mature stage of your career, this talk has great value for you!


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Great talk. Although primarily it is not about PHP 8, Paul showed how to migrate from a legacy system to a modern system without compromising PHP versions or tools.

I was hoping for more in depth details, but it was more like a big perspective view. What I really like was how you manage to engage the audience, you are very skilled public speaker

Concept similar to the one proposed in Symfony docs for migration from a legacy system. Pros: pretty slides and charts, first time seen that. Also, speaker's vibe made the audience felt well on the show. Cons: only a word about PHP8 and no room to describe drawbacks of concepts and what failures he encountered.