Why Your Test Suite Sucks


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Great talk about Test Suite and problems that you discuss!

I actually tried TDD before and I stopped because I encountered Problem #2.

It was a great explanation as I thought TDD should adapt to my coding but when you explained that TDD is giving me a hint that there is a problem with how I create my object, that gave me another perspective on how to create my Test Suite!

So right now its 1AM in the morning and I am currently relearning TDD in another perspective!

Thank you!

Great insight about TDD, and some mistake when applying TDD in a project

A good summary of why many people fail to get hooked on TDD.
Great delivery!

Great talk. This talk enforces my initial experience in implementing unit/integration tests and designing testable code and library. Will surely revisit my tests again!

Great Presentation about TDD

Thanks for sharing clear points on the evolving of TDD in a team - manual, automatic, test-first and test-driven. Usually we are just encouraged to jump straight into TDD by writing tests. Your examples of common mistakes are clear and concise as well, thanks!