You've written a blog in 5 minutes, but what about a secure, encrypted communications application in 3 hours?

This workshop will get you started with a simple Laravel application, and iteratively build it up to become an end-to-end encrypted chat platform.

You'll learn how to get started quickly with Laravel and Bootstrap, add encryption layers to the system, design database structures that won't leak metadata, and even provide mechanisms for plausible deniability.

Participants will benefit from having a moderate understanding of current PHP frameworks, MySQL/MariaDB, and be comfortable understanding JavaScript. You'll have VirtualBox pre-installed on your laptop, and will hopefully finish the workshop with a simple, yet fully functioning communications platform.

About the speaker
Ben Dechrai is a technologist, presenter, author, and hard and-core privacy advocate. When he's not on stage, or sharing his ideas and views on privacy, security, and software development, he applies these passions to the architecture and design of software systems for businesses of all sizes.

His staunch support of civil liberties saw him launch a national campaign in Australia to fight against the 2016 Census debacle. He's now working on the design and creation of privacy-respecting IoT systems for home automation.

With what spare time he has, Ben enjoys bringing communities together, by running a number of events throughout the year, from conferences and meetups, to end-of-year parties and comedy shows.


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