Every time I say that I don't use any framework on the projects I'm working on, people tell me I am crazy and that I should not reinvent the wheel. Crazy? Maybe! But reinventing the wheel: for sure not! I'm using a whole bunch of libraries and that is what they are meant to, it's not a framework argument!

A crazy idea? Maybe not so much: Java, Python, Ruby, … they are all (good!) general purpose languages but they don't know about HTTP requests / responses at their core. Web Frameworks in those languages solve this and provide the missing HTTP/web features.

PHP is very different from those as it is designed primarily for web development and it knows everything about HTTP sessions, requests, response, JSON, cookies, output buffering, … NATIVELY!

In this workshop, we are going to investigate the building blocks of frameworks (Routing, MVC, Dependency Injection,…) leveraging features that PHP provides natively and how a project can be realized with PHP as the only framework while respecting principles like: “Don’t reinvent the wheel”, KISS, DRY, YAGNI, …

About the speaker
Patrick Allaert is a freelance system engineer and founder of Libereco Technologies, a Brussels based company specialized in PHP services. Using PHP since the early days of PHP 3, he is contributing/hacking on a wide variety of projects including PHP, eZ Publish, Linux and KDE. In his spare time, he works on the PHP monitoring extension: APM for which he is the lead developer, that doesn’t give him much time to blog or to tweet.


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