Before composer, we downloaded packages manually. But how do you upgrade to newer framework version? Still manually?

In non-PHP world, Google and Facebook already use such instant upgrade tools. Thanks to nikic/php-parser a door opened in PHP for such a tool ...and Rector was born.

I’ll show you how Rector handles 80 % of boring upgrades for you - in 1 CLI command.

About the speaker
Tomas loves PHP and connecting people, so he founded Czech & Slovak PHP Community Pehapkari in 2015, where all PHP developers can share their knowledge, chat on Slack or grab a beer.

His passion is open-source for lazy people - instant upgrades and coding standards. He takes care of Rector and EasyCodingStandard packages.


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I wish I knew about rector a few years ago, but it didn't exist yet back then. Great talk!