In this talk I will cover the latest additions to Xdebug. Although it is 15 years old now, many features have been added in the last few months and years. In this talk, I will introduce and explain these new features, and some more notable features added in the last few years.

About the speaker
Derick Rethans is a PHP internals expert, author of Xdebug and an OpenStreetMap and mapping enthusiast.

He has contributed in a number of ways to the PHP project, including the Xdebug debugging tool, and various extensions and additions. He's a frequent lecturer at conferences, the author of php|architect's Guide to Date and Time Programming, and the co-author of PHP 5 Power Programming. He is now working at MongoDB, where he works on the PHP and C drivers for MongoDB, and date/time related server features.

In his spare time, he likes to travel, hike, ski and practise photography.


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Miro Svrtan at 15:22 on 27 Sep 2018

Great info into what is new with xdebug 2.6 and what is coming in 2.7, sharing the pain of maintaining library that is so dependent on inner workings of PHP engine.

I would love to hear this talk in a longer format, maybe focusing a bit more on other changes/features in previous versions as well, as xdebug is an internal tool, it's hard to follow all the features coming as a user.