Dependency Injection in PHP


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As always Fabien is very clear in his talks. DI is a simple but powerful concept (maybe you already use that without knowing), DIC it's a little bit more complicated and not for all cases. About DIC Fabien says "don't try to use it everywhere".

Complex but very interesting

Fabien gave a great talk as usual.
He clearly explained how to build a DI in php in a simple manner and showed some cool stuff that you can reach with php 5.3.
Never miss a Fabien talk or you'll regret it!

DI is a great practice we news to use

great talk and great use of closures and php 5.3!

PHP 5.3 plus Dependency Injection plus great presence on the stage.

complex, for me but not for a big part of the audience ;-)
a talk to be taken as a reference for having phpday grow even more in the next years ...

Great talk. Fabien is a brilliant speaker and I hope to see him also at the next phpday!