Developing PHP in the Cloud


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Cool talk. The zend cloud seems interessting

Rather interesting talk and an overview of the Zend Cloud. Although it would seem that the features that are most interesting were downplayed a bit (like error call stack replay)

Great introduction and demo on Zend Cloud. Has definitely perked my interest in the service.

Anonymous at 12:44 on 19 May 2012

I'd seen it before, still nice to see. lots of promotion of Zend stuff (no surprise there), but gets the main points across.

Good demostration of zend cloud which seems an interesting product

Good talk, interesting product

Good talk

Interesting to hear the voice of PHP creator, I cannot say the same for the product "phpcloud", it doesn't seems so "enterprise" as it has been presented... no teams management, mysql is the only db managed, hummm, I expect much more from Zend.