PHP Extensions, why and what?


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very useful info, good examples, great delivery

thanks for the talk Derick, I'm tempted to do your workshop now...

Nice introductory talk to PHP extensions, nicely presented, just the right amount of information to get excited about tomorrow's workshop (and further PHP ext development).

Happy to finally hear Derick give a talk! :)

Delivered what the abstract promised: a nice introduction on an interesting topic which Derick masters. See you tomorrow at the workshop!

Fantastic talk! nice introduction to php extensions

interesting talk and as somebody who has never written a php extension i got an impression of what it means. the talk structure was not overly clear to me.

Excellent introduction of the why extensions. My only issue now is to learn C ;)

Anonymous at 09:34 on 21 May 2012

Nice beginner's overview of what extensions are all about. Just enough information to whet your appetite. :)

Derick has a lot of knowledge on this topic and presents it well.