PHPCR - PHP Content Repository Specification


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a good overview of what phpcr is and why/where to use it. killed it with continuing to talk after the time was up, so had to just get up and leave at one point.

sorry that i had to run over time .. the main reason was that due to schedule delays i started 10min late on a 30 min talk :-/

enthusiastic talk on a very interesting topic. i didn't mind staying a bit longer :-)

Innovation like this should have more talk time, 30 minutes it's not enough in my opinion..
Anyway you did it! The talk was very clear and concise!

Completely agree with david.

Very very interesting project. I agree with the others saying that 30 minutes are not enough.

good overview, but when the presented extended his time beyond his slot, I had to give up and leace for another event