Scalable architectures: Taming the Twitter Firehose


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Anonymous at 16:52 on 18 May 2012

A difficult topic made accessible, no buzzwords.

One of the best presentations on modern "web" architectures I have memory of. If you have a chance, just make sure you attend it. Terrific job, Alberto!

Real world benefits for attendees are a bit unlikely (as obvious, there's only one Twitter), but the talk is too much interesting to let it pass up!

It was quite interesting so see and hear from someone that has put it all into the real world. I guess I would have loved some more concrete things to take home, but given the complexity of the topic that would have required another slot as the talk itself would have been needed to grasp the bigger picture around any concrete examples.

This presentation matched exactly one of my current project and some of my concerns and issues are now clarified.
Thanks a lot.
Maybe the presentation title can be changed to something like : "collecting and analysing big data in real time"

Difficult topic, but good and clear explanation. Great job from Alberto

Do you think SOA is only a buzzword? Let Lorenzo open your eyes and show you a great example of a scalable architecture that "works for real".

Great talk describing how to deal with big data. Thanks Lorenzo!