Scaling Communication with Continuous Integration


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Interesting to hear from "real life" in a larger company like this. It's hard to scale down to the smaller companies' situations, but that's not really the point... Some good hints on software and ideas/goals to use.

An improvement would be to use some less "deep" technical terms and abbreviations in the presentation and try to be even more clear when addressing an international audience.

A precious case history from a company that seems doesn't fear big and rapid changes to reach customer (and developers) satisfaction.

A lot of detailed and deeply motivated choises on what, how and why embrace certain metodology or tool over another one.

Great case history, I really like to hear this kind of "real life" experience.
The exposition was excellent, really funny and engaging.

One of the most interesting talk oh phpDAY

Excellent case history with good hints

great talk!

Anthropology part is a little bit misleading :) .. I wasnt sure if she is developer or not :)

Anonymous at 09:42 on 21 May 2012

interesting but she spoke too fast, also after someone told her to speak slower

I loved the enthusiasm you injected into your talk, I'm the guy who asked you some advice after your talk: thank you for that, you were lovely and all of you guys at Etsy are really smart!

I enjoy hearing LBs stories and experiences. If anything the talk shouldn't maybe use so many internal names (for teams, structure and processes) without explaining them.