Automated acceptance testing with Behat and Mink


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Interesting topic. A bit complicated to understand part about how to 'assert' result. More examples on that would be good. Or even better (but much more complicated) would be if you could show some demo on this (with some failing tests and some passing).

good pratices to insert on our sw's life cycle.

Helpful, yet this topic needs more hands-on demo and practical examples.

Engaging speaker, I can't wait testing FBMock to overcome the frustration I feel while writing tons of code with mockery.

Sorry I confused the talk, anyway my vote is the same, very good presentation and engaging speaker. Behat and Mink are very promising and I will give them a try.

Anonymous at 10:44 on 19 May 2013

Interesting topic. Should be better explained with some code

I am sorry to say this, but this talk was not good to me at all. The topic is great and the slides are ok, but the speaker was very nervous the whole time and that had great impact on a talk. I had a hard time following what he says. I don't mean to disrespect, but in my opinion it's better to give constructive criticism than false praise. It seems that Richard had a bit of a stage fright and that's understandable to me. I think that he just needs to make more talks and the nervousness will go away. I would like to come next year and see Richard improve.

much code to instantly get a clear overview
(next year, please speaks more slowly!!)

Maybe a too lengthy intro to a very interesting topic. Some more code samples and/or a demo wouldn't hurt as well. Nevertheless, a useful intro to BDD!

a good overview of tools I wasn't familiar with before

Interesting topic and good talk.

Thank you all. I really appreciate both the positive and negative feedback!!