Better mock objects with FBMock


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interesting take on mocking, and a very good explanation

Well presented and concise.

Interesting way of mocking, I'm going to dig into FBMock soon :)

Before this presentation I did not know what FBMock does. Now I do. Thus mission accomplished. I really liked examples on how PHPUnitMock clutter can be replaced with couple lines of FBMock. Thats why will give it a try.

Well exposed. FBMock seems very interesting, and during the talk I understood better how to mock objects.

Really cool and engaging speaker, I'll try FBMock asap because I want to overcome frustration felt writing mocks with mockery.

Anonymous at 10:48 on 19 May 2013

Nice talk on a hot topic. Will give FBMock a try

FBMock could be a great solution for me. Thanks Elliot for this talk

Anonymous at 21:43 on 19 May 2013

Great talk about an interesting approach to object mocking. I have to look into this.

Well presented, good content, good and readable code examples.

Nice talk, could use a couple of examples from real life usage. Other than that, real good!

I was only tangentially familiar with FBMock before the talk, but this got me sold. Too bad all the cool hip features are HipHop VM only, though, but that has nothing to do with the talk itself. :)

Could use more examples from real life, otherwise good talk

It's always great to see folks from FB coming out into the community and sharing their tools and experiences.

The talk was very well structured and explained the ideas and goals of FBMock.