In-Depth with Composer


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Anonymous at 11:51 on 17 May 2013

Good talk about clarifying how composer works, Jordi's way :)

Even if you have already used composer, this talk would be a good one to attend.

Anonymous at 13:42 on 17 May 2013

Good talk with great content information

Interesting and informative, covering some somewhat more advanced features and inner workings of composer. The talk was well organized and presented. Perhaps the speaker could have been a bit more enthusiastic. :)

Great talk, it could have been even better if you had given an example of how to fix dependency issues (because they will occur eventually). Learned some new little features as well (probably because I haven't read the docs recently :p). One minor note though : afaik you can actually update a single dependency (or just a few you wish to update), using composer update vendor/package (I got the impression you mentioned that that was not possible).

Good presentation. Interesting details about how composer works. More about satis would have been nice

Great contents, clear presentation useful to understand composer.

Great contents, clear presentation useful to understand composer.

nice talk, but talking itself needs to be a little more "active"

Topic interesting, slides are ok, the talking itself (pronunciation and intonation) could have been better.

Not very animated but interesting

Jordi is a genius, but I'd like to see more energy

Good talk, a lot of useful tips about composer, I'd have liked to hear more about satis.
Perhaps the speech could have been a bit more thrilling

Before this talk I had the impression that not much can be said about Composer that most of the people don't know, since it's so popular. It seems that I was right, but Satis part was interesting to me.

Excellent talk, i liked the comprehensive (?) overview of composer features.
Well presented, pace and story were good. However, I know you're enthusiastic about composer and sharing this info, but I think this didn't show from your presentation/attitude during the presentation.

Won't mind a bit more enthusiastic presenter...

Good talk with great content information

"In-Depth" was really really _In-Depth_.

Good to see a talk deliver on that promise.

Topic is great, but Jordi need to speak more clearly intonation need to be strongly. I think talk was too flat to keep audience alive.