Windows Azure: what's hot!


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Not really a keynote, more like a long commercial. I'm pretty sure you can get a similar message across in a more keynote-y form. Especially the morning after the social, you need a bit more energetic and sparkling.

Anonymous at 11:06 on 18 May 2013

Anonymous at 11:57 on 18 May 2013

Better than I expected. Good presentation and speaker, a bit dull topic which didn't look very interesting in the description.

But, it's hard to give an MS keynote at Phpday... Not sure it was the best choice for a big keynote.

Windows at phpDay seems evil... good talk.

Good presentation and speaker, maybe not the best topic for a keynote

Nice infomercial for Azure. The technology is neat (no questions there), but still... the competition offers the same functionality (if you opt for OSS solutions you'll have to invest a lot of time to get them to work seamlessly together though).

I can agree that this is not the best topic for keynote. Yes, Microsoft was Diamond sponsor, but anyway - some parallel track in afternoon with 30min of time would be better fit for it.
Anyhow, before this presentation I was not aware of what Azure can do. And it was interesting to find it out. Even in format of commercial.

Really enthusiast of Windows Azure presentation. Come on, don't blame MS, we wouldn't be here without its vision of a computer on everyone's desk. I use Ubuntu, I develop in PHP and I'll give a try to Azure which seems to very promising technology without the complexity of Amazon's Services.

Cool overview of new features in Azure - maybe a bit of a stretch for a keynote, but very useful nonetheless.