Zend Framework 2 and Symfony2: The perfect team


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Good talk. It was fun and on the point

Anonymous at 12:48 on 18 May 2013

Anonymous at 12:48 on 18 May 2013

Both entertaining and informative. I got what I expected, good use of code and interaction between the speakers.

To make it better, use larger font sizes and images on some of the slides. Be aware of colours that are hard to see.

The talk I was waiting for...

Entertaining talk

Knowing both frameworks are moving on the same way, thanks to a prejudice free communication, is inspiring. It was also very fun.

Great talk, but as a symfony user i'd like to know what can i get from zf2 that is "better" than symfony and viceversa

Very nice talk, as fun as useful! PSR-* history, frameworks cooperation, some example using one framework component in the other and viceversa.. and several offenses between Enrico and Stefan :D

nice talk! good idea to highlight the differences and complementarities

Nice talk, I liked the way it was presented.

Funny talk. It was interesting on about zf and sf are moving

Quite entertaining yet at the same time very informative.

Nice talk, and was really funny!