Ansible: Orchestrate your Infrastructure


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Always a pleasure to hear Jeremy give a talk. Clearly he has a lot of experience with Ansible, presented really well, demo was a nice bonus!

Very cool introduction to using ansible!

Anonymous at 19:25 on 16 May 2014

I will start playing with this as soon as I am back home. Good overview.

Great talk, very interesting argument!

Good and usefull talk!

Anonymous at 08:26 on 18 May 2014

Anonymous at 08:59 on 18 May 2014

Great talk. So many information and use cases.

Insightful, well presented, entertaining. Hard to do better: great job, Jeremy!

Very good speaker, interesting argument, great talk!

Anonymous at 20:13 on 18 May 2014

Anonymous at 21:46 on 18 May 2014

Enough information to get you interested, nice demo to drive the point across.

I liked this talk, it gave me an overview about Ansible which I was very curious about.