Design Patterns Workshop


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Anonymous at 16:01 on 17 May 2014

Anonymous at 23:04 on 17 May 2014

Great talk, great speaker, great subject!

Anonymous at 23:46 on 17 May 2014

The best!

2 hours of design patterns, it was to me like re-read the gang of four book with SOLID principle, but in PHP. A Must-have for everybody.

The adding value? He is so educate and friendly.

Anonymous at 08:36 on 18 May 2014

Very good talk!

A very interesting workshop! a must have for each developer

Fantastic! However not a really workshop, just a classic talk with questions, maybe cause of the short time available.

This workshop alone was worth the journey to Verona.

I am a big fan of Brandon's work and I suggest everyone to subscribe to his newsletter and to read his books.

This guy knows how to engage with his audience and make complex arguments easy to understand.

He was definitively my favourite speaker.

Anonymous at 21:37 on 28 May 2014

Brandon is a great teacher and I've loved every minute of the workshop. I've learned a lot there and generally had an all-around great experience listening to his advice on design patterns. Brilliant!

Anonymous at 15:56 on 30 May 2014