Don’t screw it up, how to build durable web apis


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A very good blend of practice and theory, with that extra layer of entertainment. Sweet combination of meaningful insights, wise tips and good practices. Great job folks!

High level and intensive talk

Very well performed.

Anonymous at 15:52 on 17 May 2014

Very well done!

Enrico Marongiu at 16:32 on 17 May 2014

Good job guys. Somehow confirmed my ideas and gave new hints for my projects

Anonymous at 17:53 on 17 May 2014

Anonymous at 01:26 on 18 May 2014

Excellent interpretation, supported by very interesting content.

Anonymous at 02:07 on 18 May 2014

A very interesting talk, full of concepts. A concentration of experiences. It was also very enjoyable

A great talk which leaves with a lot of hints to deepen when you come back home

One of the best talks of this phpday edition

Great talk! Without doubt, one of the best of the PhpDay2014 edition.
A good performance that mix between: good contents, theory, practice and fun.