RESTful API development in Laravel 4


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Well explained, nice examples. Would be better in a 1h time slot with deeper explanations of REST calls parameters, sub-resources calls, multiple joins.

For so few time a perfect presentation

Basic topics for an intermediate talk, without breakthrough content. Speaker did a terrific job, though, perfectly pacing his speech and always keeping attendance engaged. I look forward to listening to him talking about more advanced topics. Great deal of public speaking potential!

Anonymous at 20:16 on 18 May 2014

Nice talk, it's not the highest score because I think the example was a bit trivial.

I was happy to see an introduction to this framework that everybody seems to be talking about. But the demo did not go deep enough for me, only explaining trivial cases that are easy with every usable framework. I would have loved some examples for how to solve more complicated problems, and how test them.

As somebody not knowing Laravel, i would also have liked to be explained the philosophy behind the framework more precisely.

Interesting abstract, but only has explained the trivial cases. BTW Very simple tips for an intermediate talk.

Too much magic! We must learn more from other frameworks errors like Rails. Said nothing about hypermedia and real REST Api standards, only CRUD verbs. Maybe the problem was the limited time.