Build middleware applications with Zend Framework 3


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Simple and clear.

James Titcumb at 12:30 on 13 May 2016

Well explained; good introduction to Expressive.

fmosca at 16:24 on 13 May 2016

Thorough and useful

Samuel at 20:58 on 13 May 2016

Thanks a lot enrico

Marco Perone at 01:23 on 14 May 2016

Well explained introduction to Expressive and the middleware approach

dParadiz at 21:46 on 14 May 2016

Good presentation over all

Great talk on ZF3 (and Expressive), with a good introduction to middleware and a comprehensive overview of ZF3 main features. Well done Enrico!

Robert Walker at 09:42 on 20 May 2016

Well explained and much informative news.
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