Keep your users up-to-date in realtime with WebSockets!


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The argument was very interesting and nicely presented, but sometimes the speaker was talking too fast and so not easy to understand.

Good overview on websockets, well explained and contextualized. Speaker pace was just perfect, in my opinion: fast enough so not to be boring, yet calm enough so to always be understandable (albeit, I admit, most of the topics were known to me already). I enjoyed the talk nevertheless, appreciating the speaker's performance and the code samples. I also took home several interesting insights. Well done!

Samuele Lilli at 10:35 on 15 May 2016

Very interesting: I just know some basic concepts about WebSockets and, after this, I take home some precious knowledge (and tips) that will help me to understand far better WebSockets in php if I ever decide to start using them!

Sergey Kibish at 08:32 on 17 May 2016

Good overview of how we can work with WebSockets in PHP as server and client.

Awesome! We can do it!

Very interesting topic. I'd say the talk was a little bit basic, but apart from that very informativ.