PHP 7 performances from PHP 5


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The speaker was able to deliver a very deep, technical topic in a way that was understandable by mostly everyone. That's a great feat! And BTW I'm impressed by the optimization done for PHP 7. Way to go!

James Titcumb at 15:52 on 13 May 2016

A fast paced and very in depth talk about performance differences, really delivered on expectations. My only criticism is that it only lasted an hour ;)

This talk presented complex concepts in a simple way: I couldn't ask for more!

Great talk, with deep technical details.

Massimo at 16:14 on 16 May 2016

really interesting talk. We saw two tricks on how to gain more performance from the new engine in the PHP world code, would like to see even more.

Sergey Kibish at 08:19 on 17 May 2016

Very deep tech talk. Understandable. Also discovered new stuff. Thanks!

Very interesting

Very interesting