Deploying PHP 7


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Alessandro Lai at 10:41 on 13 May 2016

it was an informative, technical talk instead of a standard keynote, but it was great anyhow!

Very good overall introduction of PHP 7 and all the improvements it's going to bring.

Time to go php7!

James Titcumb at 12:28 on 13 May 2016

More of a tech keynote (which is not a criticism), learnt a couple of lesser known features of PHP 7 which was cool.

it's always worth listening to you

Simon Vocella at 15:11 on 13 May 2016

Good talk, maybe it could useful cat some performance graphics or show one summary instead of multiple ones.

My desire to upgrade to PHP7 cannot be any stronger now.

Samuel at 20:57 on 13 May 2016

Very interesting topic

This talk was a well-made comprehensive presentation of PHP 7's optimizations and changes; very interesting and nicely presented.

Not strictly a keynote. But much better. :)

Interesting and nicely presented

Marco Perone at 01:22 on 14 May 2016

Nice talk!

Really nice. The final note about dropping everything but php7 was a bit unrealistic, but in line with personality ;-)

Gioia Lorusso at 10:28 on 14 May 2016

Great talk and good explanation of php7 improvements.

Always a good speaker, I got a lot out of hearing Rasmus's insights and what he's most excited about. I need to change my deployment process now

Luca Saba at 13:49 on 14 May 2016


Very nice talk focusing on performance and reasons to switch to php7.

Luca Saba at 19:23 on 14 May 2016

Really enjoied it. Very interesting

Samuele Lilli at 10:11 on 15 May 2016

Very interesting topic: it also give us some pointer to start from when want to migrate from php5.x to php7.

Andrea Sprega at 11:36 on 15 May 2016

We couldn't hope for a better keynote

daniele orru at 11:41 on 15 May 2016

Amazing speaker, I now want to upgrade asap to php7 any "legacy" project I'm working on :D

Fabio Pucci at 14:19 on 16 May 2016

Clar, transparent and straight. Getting info from the source is always great.

Sergey Kibish at 08:16 on 17 May 2016

Very informative talk with a lot of tips.

Very good

Really interesting