Your API is a UI


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Alessandro Lai at 12:13 on 13 May 2016

Good talk, the flow was very smooth

Excellent overall expositions. Maybe a few code examples here and there may have helped to better explain the suggestions.

full of good advices, theoretical and practical ;)

This talk presented APIs in a different way; nicely done and very interesting.

Very good talk. It's probably a good idea to keep the slides around as a "TODO list" when developing APIs.

Interesting and perfectly presented

Anonymous at 19:12 on 14 May 2016

daniele orru at 11:43 on 15 May 2016

Good talk, some of the advices are too obvious sometimes, but good work anyway.

It had some good insight, but without any examples. It wasn't practical enough...

Fabio Pucci at 14:18 on 16 May 2016

Good talk, very useful insights to focus on a "talkative" approach to API

Sergey Kibish at 08:18 on 17 May 2016

Nice talk. Most focused on way of thinking while developing API. Some little code examples could be good.

Best practices and guidelines are always welcome :)