We all know how to develop an API right? You just churn out a bit of JSON and call it a day...
In this talk we're going to dig just a bit deeper then that. How do I choose Http codes, when should I use what verb, how do I structure endpoints, and what is this HATEOAS thing?

After we've covered the basics, we'll move on to some more advanced topics. This will include stuff like authentication, versioning and custom headers.
Even tho the talk will aim itself around people who are new to API development, developers from all skill levels will walk away with something learned.


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Nice, basic talk on APIs. Most content was known to me. Yet, I think it delivered what the title said. Maybe a bit more could have been said about HTTP verbs and their usage in the realm of API development. Still, useful tips for someone approaching the topic for the first time or someone who's not an API expert.

Very interesting talk.

Anonymous at 21:56 on 14 May 2017

This has been interesting to hear, and well presented. Perhaps a bit basic, but still very relevant to many of us, who maybe are involved in more standard web projects.