When it comes to PHP architectures and frameworks everybody is always talking about Model–View–Controller (MVC), or sometimes Action–Domain–Responder (ADR). Close attention is usually paid to the Views and Controllers, as well as the whole bootstrapping required to make them work, while the Model is left as an exercise to the user. This makes perfect sense from an open source point of view, as the model is always domain specific. That is exactly why most work in closed source projects—like trivago—concentrates on that part. We will discuss the Clean Architecture, which helps us to manage dependency hell in the domain model. We will further explore Domain-Driven Design (DDD) basics, like value objects and entities, which help us to reason about the various sub-layers of the domain model. Finally, we will have a brief look at how we can use types (read classes) to provide us with certain guarantees.


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Nice talk, and I liked the presentation skills and style of presenting.

Too much theory on a topic that needs practice

Matteo Riva at 20:16 on 12 May 2017

Very nice talk on an important topic. Very good overview, clear presentation, understandably not very deep since it was a short 30 min slot.

very nice, need definitely more that 30 minutes to be clearer

As someone else said, there was too much theory for an argument that needs examples ("practice"). By the way overall It was ok.

Good talk but it would be better to have more time to explain the topics and show real life examples.

Simone C. at 12:13 on 15 May 2017

Good talk, but it would be better to have more time to explain better with real life examples.