PHPSpec and BDD are cool buzzwords this days in PHP community and I would like to invite you to show you how to build better code with it.

I will be live coding few examples to introduce you to PHPSpec features, show you some caveats and by working in small teams build a feature together.

So what is PHPSpec? It's a great tool to model (specify) and build your code that has a side effect: you get some tests out of it. It's not a drop in replacement for unit testing (or testing in general) but can help you out build great products in short amount of time.


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Paula Čučuk at 17:50 on 12 May 2017

Great workshop. It was easy to follow and we learned some very useful things about php spec modelling :)

Great workshop, explained very well

A great intro to using phpspec
Done from scratch, so anyone can immediately go home and try it out, liked the examples and that people were grouped on little modeling projects.
Was a little long though, so hard to focus in the end
Nice explanation of how modeling is different from testing and is very important, easy and fast to do.
All in all, a very hands on approach as any good workshop should have