PHP has outgrown being a simple Apache module, being used on the command line not just for development tools but also in production.
Long-running PHP processes may live for hours or days consuming messages from queues or background jobs to execute; this talk will guide you through several years of tweaks to make them reliable and performant.
There are many things that can go wrong when leaving a PHP process around on your servers, but it is possible to solve the problems of crashing, memory leaks, interruptions, lost logs, or monitoring. The goal of having smooth operations has to be kept in mind - scaling your servers and traffic without scaling the people needed to look after them.


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Alessandro Lai at 17:45 on 13 May 2017

interesting talk and it was well presented, but unfortunately it was a bit short and it did not dig too deep in the topic.

Matteo Riva at 00:03 on 14 May 2017

I agree, very interesting topic that would deserve more time to be analyzed in depth