Learn how to structure and maintain a modern day PHP project using the latest standards. We'll walk through recent language improvements and how they will affect your day to day development. This will use code examples to give you in depth, real world examples of usage.

We'll also cover the latest community initiatives and standards including the PHPFIG along with the PSRs they have introduced.


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Alessandro Lai at 11:47 on 13 May 2017

The talk was well presented, but in my opinion it covered the topic in a too broad way, starting too much way back in time with new stuff from very old PHP versions (i.e. array short syntax) or very known topics (i.e. composer.lock) and it contained a few errors too (strict types handling, missing iterables)

Nice, basic refresher of many PHP features and practices. I suspect not everything will be new to everyone (... actually, most concepts are pretty much standards nowadays), yet it offered - especially for beginners - a quite comprehensive overview of stuff, and several nice, practical advices. Advices which can be applied immediately, thanks to the many clear, concise examples.

Seemed a live reading of php manual. Only interesting part could be php-fig but it was a very short part of the talk.

The talk is useful for beginners, but needs more focus on a selected set of topics. It is sadly true that many of these lessons are still not applied in the industry, but I think the crowd of phpDay is self-selected to already know better.

Pretty didactic.

The talk itself was ok, but the title was misleading. I was expecting "modern" php standards and I got stuff from php 5.4. I can see how this could be a nice talk for beginners, but title and abstract should be more precise to catch the attention of the right audience. I also think that and bit less topics and bit more depth would be better.

Matteo Riva at 23:51 on 13 May 2017

Really basic talk, should be clearly presented as beginners material. Presentation was not really engaging, topics were just read from a list.

The talk covered way too basic arguments (exceptions, namespaces, array short syntax etc) that are meant for beginners but it was not properly specified in the abstract of the talk.

A talk for beginners. This is actually good to have, but maybe not in an event like PHPDay.

The presentation skills of Ben were good, but the talk itself (content) was way too basic and outdated.

Anonymous at 21:54 on 14 May 2017

Too basic for this kind of event.

I expected something more from this talk. I guess that talking about namespaces 10 years after is a bit late to call it "modern"

By the topic I'd have expected something more "modern", such as stuff related to PHP 7.x ..

The presentation was clear, but too much "plain", too much a mere enumeration.

Too basic for such an event IMHO

Ben is a good presenter but his talk was so basic, not worth this conference.

If I were a beginner not knowing the latest standards I wouldn't get much from the talk either as the code snippets were not explaining enough for beginners. More advanced users got bored quite quickly.

I suggest the talk is marked as for beginners at the least.

Samuele Lilli at 19:44 on 26 May 2017

Sorry but it was like a potpourri of (well known) pointers. Moreover the content were delivered with no enthusiasm at all (or at least that was my impression).
Sorry for the honesty and for such little rating, I bet you can do better next time! :)