Often we hear that estimating a project is a must. "We can't make decisions without them" we hear often. In this session I'll present examples of how we can predict a release date of a project without any estimates, only relying on easily available data. I'll show how we can follow progress on a project at all times without having to rely on guesswork, and we will review how large, very large and small projects have already benefited from this in the past. At the end of the session you will be ready to start your own #NoEstimates journey.


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Alessandro Lai at 10:44 on 13 May 2017

Vasco is a very talented and experienced speaker. The talk was very engaging and interesting.

Started very well but the ending part of the talk seems more a sponsored and marketing talk.
Plus, yellow text on gray background is not readable

Great talk

I had great expectations for this keynote, they have not been wholly fulfilled. Problem description has been clear, and I definitely agree with whatever has been said through the talk. Still... unless I have missed something, solution to the problem seemed to be buying author's book... With this said, brilliant speaker, who knows how to engage a crowd. Some great slides, and several important concepts everyone should take home. Not a bad talk ...maybe I just had too high expectations

Interesting talk but he missed important point about the communication without it also following principles you'll waste time anyway. In addition it was important speak about comoon mistakes and wrong decisons that Will have a negative impact also if you don't estimate.

A very good speaker although he had to speed up a lot in the final. I wish my CEO and CTO were here.

A very good speaker althogh he had to speed up a lot in the final. I wish my CEO and CTO were here.

Great inspirational talk!

Matteo Riva at 00:09 on 14 May 2017

Very nice talk in general, Vasco is an excellent and engaging speaker and you're left wanting to hear more.

But it was missing a real solution. The answer to a question "how do we price our work" was "talk to the customer and present different pricing options". Yeah, but how do we price those options?

Nice talk by a great speaker.
In the end communication with the team and the company can solve lots of problems.

Anonymous at 21:52 on 14 May 2017

This looked to me more like a sales pitch for the book, than an authentic keynote. Having the "limited-time-promo-thing" on each and every slide was bad taste.
Speaking about the content of the talk: the "problem" has been shown from every possible angulation ("estimates are irrelevant") but what is the real alternative? How do you estimate the cost of a project if you don't do estimates? This as been tacked only in the questions, and was in practice not answered.

Simone C. at 12:15 on 15 May 2017

The talk was very interesting and funny.


Samuele Lilli at 19:41 on 26 May 2017

Very funny and interesting at the same time