As developers we write code everyday, only to frown at it a week after that. Why do we have such a hard time with code written by others and ourselves, this raging desire to rewrite everything we see? Writing code that survives the test of time and self judgment is a matter of clarity and simplicity. Let's talk about growing, learning and improving our code with calisthenics, readability and good design.


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Great talk, the 10 exercises are great

Samuel at 13:42 on 12 May 2017


Great talk, with an up-to date list of practical suggestions for writing good code.

Nice, best practices recap is always good.

Wood be nice to have the bibliography to allow the newbies to the concept to go in deep.

Very interesting talk

Great (slighly shocking) advices

Really cool talk that promotes good coding behaviour, great stuff!

Cool and challenging excercises!

Andy Johnson at 22:16 on 12 May 2017

interesting... but in the team, I still refactor when I have doubts that other can have problems reading my things

Great, must do exercise!

Awesome talk and really easy to follow

One of best talks in this conference. Clear, interesting, useful.


Good talk with good advice

Simone C. at 12:08 on 15 May 2017

Nice talk, quite in line with what was written in R. Martin's book - Clean Code

Samuele Lilli at 19:34 on 26 May 2017

One of the best talks of the whole conference.