No no, not country flags, feature flags! Feature flags are a powerful technique that allows teams to modify a system's behaviour without changing code. They can be used several reasons - canary releases and A/B testing to name a few. This talk will show you how you're already using feature flags in your application without realising it. Next, we'll take a look at some of the best tooling out there to help you take feature flags to the next level. Finally, we'll cover strategies for removing feature flags before they become technical debt that you have to manage.


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Jeroen v.d. Gulik at 15:23 on 12 May 2018

Excellent talk covering everything regarding feature flags

Nice and fast explanation about using flags; the very interesting part tough was pratical tools to use when implementing that, nice!

I kind of missed the fun part, the flat tone didn't help. Anyway the presented tools seemed interesting and maybe deserved some time in practical demos.

Very fun talk, did not mind the flag intro and transition with slack message was great! Could use some more examples on actual usages, maybe demonstrate how to use them in templates (when something is visible to user) and how in service layer or commands.

My disappointment of Sheldon Cooper not actually being there was quickly replaced with a respect for Michael in how he presented the topic. A lot of information crammed into this presentation on the topic of feature flags. Perhaps this talk would've been a bit better with more clear practical examples.

Also (but I can't blame Michael for this) the presentation style and tone of voice of Michael is not really suitable for an after-lunch talk. As said, can't blame Michael for this, so this is a piece of feedback towards the organization.

I was surprised that there were no Sheldon Cooper gifs, but otherwise it was a great talk. It really made me reexamine our development processes because I learned that several things we were already doing actually could be considered feature flags.