There are so many benefits from code review; lower development costs, increased code quality, quick up-skilling and on-boarding of team members. Despite these benefits many teams don’t have code review as part of their process at all. Others don’t get the gains they should from it. This talk first outlines the business case for code review. It then explores how to make code review effective, specifically looking at: * Expectations of what can be achieved with code review. * What should be covered by code review (including example code) * What should not be covered by code review * How to write code that makes code review easy * What makes good code review comments * What makes good responses to code review comments Finally to wrap up you'll be shown how to enable a code review with Github. Spoiler alert: It can be done it under 5 mins! So if you are on a team that isn’t using code review, or isn’t using it effectively then you should be at this talk.


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Even as someone with quite a bit of experience with code reviewing, I got some things out of this talk. Things were presented in a clear and easy way, and I liked the link to diving. Thanks for a great talk!

A little too abstract, but worth it

Lars jakobsen at 11:58 on 11 May 2018

We are a small company about to start with structured code-reviews and I think this talk was spon on for us. Clear voice easy to understand lecture and the examples allthrough his speach was good.

dParadiz at 20:15 on 12 May 2018

Got some pointers for feature code reviews

Nice talk with some point to discuss into our team!

What I liked much was the Evolvability bug consideration.