The Sodium crypto library ( is a modern, easy-to-use software library for encryption, decryption, signatures, password hashing and more. Sodium has been added to PHP 7.2 as core extension. In this talk we will show how to use Sodium in PHP projects to solve common problems, like how to store the users' password, how to encrypt/decrypt sensitive information, how to authenticate user's data, etc. We'll also present some of the advanced features of libsodium like authenticated encryption, anonymous public-key encryption, and elliptic curve cryptography.


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Parossaco at 17:57 on 12 May 2018

Really useful and very precise

dParadiz at 20:32 on 12 May 2018

Useful knowledge.

Excellent talk and a topic that needs to be heard. Could use some more history, algorithms that have been used before and why they are dropped, maybe even emphasise more the fact that security is always for a point in time. Great cookbook style examples, so much stuff to take home.

Ani Sinanaj at 22:14 on 12 May 2018

The technology was explained well with enough focus on the hard parts. Sometimes it was hard to understand the words due to wrong pronunciation