Starting your journey as a programmer can be daunting and overwhelming. There is so much to learn, so many contradicting sources of information, and so many different opinions about everything. Most of the time we don't get the answers we need or want, but we get vague options that don't really help us all that much. In this talk I discuss the problems we face when teaching others, the problems we face as an industry in a disparity between juniors and seniors and how we can vastly improve the way in which we teach our peers and educate our juniors.


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A great talk, funny but focused on the topic. Well presented and managed. Useful tips to use at best extreme programming principles.
Clear slides, good speaking skills with easy and understandable English.

Lars jakobsen at 12:50 on 11 May 2018

Very engaging style in presentation. Easy to follow and his recommendations are easy to implement I think. There was a little time to spear in the end so maybe a little more depth to leaning-methods could be added.

Very smart and funny. I needed it even though I didn't know I did :)

Alessandro Lai at 14:40 on 11 May 2018

the presentation style was REALLY funny! it engaged me a lot up to the core stuff.

On my 3rd day of listening different topics and presenters, I want to say that your presentation was the best, seams simplified but you raised the point. Thank you

Talk well presented and managed, some tips could be very useful on how to improve skills into the team

Real cases explained in a fun way, presented in comprehensible English :-)