“Houston we have a problem! This change you want… Well it’s one small change for the codebase but one giant change to the test suite!” We all know why tests are great. But every once in a while we just wish they’d never been written. One case when test regret occurs is when we want to alter our functionality slightly but in doing so half the test suite goes from green to red. This talk will investigate why this happens. In particular it looks at the coupling between tests and the code under test. We’ll investigate ways we can reduce this coupling and make out test suites more resilient to change. This talk is aimed at those who already write tests and have a good understanding of SOLID principles.


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First of all thanks for the talk.

Personally, I didn't have new insights from the talk and the description "This talk is aimed at those who already write tests and have a good understanding of SOLID principles." sounded more like the talk is targets people on a higher skill level (already test experienced).

The things mentioned basically break down to treat your test code the same way you would treat your application code base. Apply code decoupling also there, structure them into own classes, methods (e.g. Page Objects were mentioned) and re-use test code as well. For me, it would have been great if some more / other principles had been shown. Behat for example could have been mentioned, also "UI Testing" doesn't have to involve UI at all (that was slightly mentioned), but instead could just be API testing (send a Request, validate the Response).

Samuele Lilli at 17:03 on 10 May 2019

Nice takeaways and pointers.

Miro Svrtan at 18:12 on 10 May 2019

Very good talk, I loved page object idea and will look more into object mother pattern, as I struggle with some complicated test setups as well.