“It’s not personal” but it so is! Code reviews are still one of the biggest sources of conflict in a team and can delay value delivery by days if not weeks. I’d like to tell you why that is but more importantly hand you a method that will let you focus on what’s important: the work. We briefly touch on the psychological mechanics at work during PRs, look at statistics to fuel decisions around commenting and then combine those two perspectives to create a solid code review etiquette for your team so you can achieve truly async non-blocking code reviews.


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Miro Svrtan at 18:26 on 10 May 2019

Really good talk, engaging speaker with some interesting takeaways (like checking who were previous people working on the files to prioritize them in reviews), some interesting statistics from their project (btw. how did you get those statistics).

Also I feel some of the mentioned things (like Cynefin framework ) are maybe too broad for addition to this talk, while I would suggest speaker to try a longer slot I'm still not sure it would be enough time: maybe this would be an interesting workshop to cover details better and get some hands on experience on the subject.

Awesome talk about the benefits, and the complications, of having the Code Review technique in your team.