It’s difficult to work on a project nowadays that does not support Docker. Surely, it is market standard and when we have more and more Dockerfiles it becomes hard to manage all dependencies and all possible environment setting. In this talk I’ll present how it is possible to use only one Dockerfile per project and continue creating safe, small and multi-environment images. Also, I’ll introduce the Multi-Stage technique and how we can use it together with docker-compose to maximize our development experience. Finally, we’ll end up with a better build time, clean images that contain just what’s really needed and control almost everything.


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Thanks for the talk! Absolutely loved it - engaging, great theoretical part, great examples, lots of demos - perfect. And there was lots of useful content inside.

I loved this talk, Abdala is a brilliant guy and he provided a lot of interesting concepts. I enjoyed his presence on stage, he's engaging and always smiling.

He has been eager to listen to one problem that I faced and the solution that I found out comparing it with his approach.

Really nice :)

Congratulations to the speaker, this was an awesome talk about Docker multi-*.

He put everything: live-coding, graphs, data, and much more in 50min, with no rush and very clear.