Before the start of development comes the gathering of requirements. This daunting task with the seemingly endless discussions. Followed by the creation of epics, user stories or tickets which will change over and over again - even when development has already begun. We can do better than this: With Event Storming, an unlimited modeling space and all the key stakeholder in the same room. Let’s get started with efficient Domain-Driven Design!


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The practical approach was nice, but maybe a real-life example along with it would have helped even more to catch the benefits of all the colors usage.

Samuele Lilli at 14:57 on 11 May 2019

I agree with Francesca. Maybe a little too abstract but nice talk afterwards.

Nice talk and nice technique, a plus for the practical approach, but the time was to little to really dive into it and fully understand the benefits

I had already seen the method and in fact it cannot be learned in an hour. For such a short time it is better to highlight the main advantages of its use.