A live demonstration on how to get up and running from an empty directory to a fully functional application, continuously deployed to a live Kubernetes cluster, with per-branch automatic releases and manual environment promotion. We’ll be giving a short primer on Kubernetes itself, which will be the base framework for our infrastructure, an introduction to Helm, which helps to manage K8S resource manifests and install third-party components, and show how to leverage the GitLab SaaS to implement a CI/CD pipeline.


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Thank you for this talk, it was interesting to see some other CI / CD workflow.

Maybe some more abstract information would be good, e.g. an overview or pros / cons of different tools.

I enjoyed the talk. I think that there was too much to be said in not enough time... That's why I couldn't quite keep the pace at which Stafano was talking :-) Maybe you could consider a subset of this presentation (or a more high level one) for this duration.

Idea and content of the talk were interesting, but it was too much fast.

Nadia Sala at 11:45 on 16 May 2019

Very interesting and well covered topic; for me some concepts were a little difficult to understand because I don't manage them every day but a good step to carry on.
In my opinion the explanation was too fast, perhaps it would be better to adapt the talk based on the time available