Over the past decade, we’ve seen frameworks bloom, die, be replaced and re-born. We’ve seen good practices, anti-patterns and generally styles of coding come and go. What’s the takeaway from the last decade of framework development? Where are we going? What should we explore next? We’ll look at a brief history of frameworks, at which practices emerged from the various communities, and which of them survived and evolved, as well as recommendations to keep pushing forward.


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I remember when 6 years ago I first attended a talk about DDD. I didn't get the idea back then, but now I can't live without it.
I feel this is the new thing. Not getting it completely, but in a few years I'll do.
Thank you Marco!

Samuele Lilli at 12:52 on 10 May 2019

I was quite on track to explained concepts but, as usual, Marco delivered it in such an intuitive way that helps to grasp even the “borderline” concept introduced by this paradigm shift.
Slides could have been much better.

Cheers to Marco, never disappoints.

Very good points on not to be stubborn about frameworks. Engaging talk.

Informative and great talk. Especially the beginning was funny. Good overview of how developing in PHP changed.

Thank you.

Great insights that help appreciate the elegance of simplicity!

Very enjoyable history of the 'definitive solutions' that we, as old developers, have seen in those 25 years of PHP.
The current definitive solution? Using curried functions to meet the functional paradigm.
Very well presented :-)

Very funny and enjoyable talk.
Really liked how you explained the way php development has changed in past years and why

Amazing talk about the history of code design, combined with the speaker's skills.

Very well explained! Gave me a lot of ideas and make me think about a lot of things.

Shaun Walker at 14:08 on 11 May 2019

Nice blast from the past of how things used to be and how the PHP community has progressed in design and architecture.

Slides could be improved. As much as you may like Haskel, the code examples should've been in PHP as it can be very disorienting for those not used to seeing other syntax and risks missing the opportunity to drive home how simple the implementation is in PHP.

Overall it was delivered with the usual passion and humour Marco always brings so it's very entertaining and engaging.

Marco is brilliant as always, and his humor helps a lot to be engaged. The content of the talk was very interesting too, and I loved the the explanation of the path that lead to middlewares.

Fantastic talk. Great content and very entertaining speaker. It's given me lots to think about. Thanks