Before composer we downloaded packages manually, one by one. Now we do it in composer update. That way you’ll update a dependency from Symfony 3.0 to Symfony 4.0. How do you fix BC breaks in your code? Manually, one change after another, file by file. In non-PHP world, lazy Google and Facebook folks automated such work with tools. What about PHP? With AST from nikic/php-parser this is now possible in PHP as well. I’ll show you how Rector can handle 80 % of boring upgrades for you. I can help with Symfony, Sylius, Twig, Nette, Doctrine and PHPUnit code.


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Rector is surely a tool worth a try, but the talk could be more explicit on how to use and configure it, so maybe a bit too short

I felt that this talk could be a little bit longer, with more examples, as well live coding. It was too much superficial.

I know the library, but if I didn't, I wouldn't see its potential just because of the talk.