Sick and tired of “X technology is only good for starting out; after you do, move to Y”? Good news - you don’t need to move away, you just need to get in further! In this talk, you’ll learn about improvements in the newest version of the most used database in the world. What are Window Functions? How do you use CTEs? How can the new default encoding help me and what should I look for when upgrading versions? Is MySQL just an OLAP database or there is more to it?


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Thanks for the great talk. Was a great overview of the changes in MySQL 8 and what's possible now. Many interesting demos and very good presentation skills.

I can't wait to start my next project, so I can use mysqli 8. Also, awesome pointer! Thanks Gabi

The speaker clearly had knowledge and property of what was presented, and the talk couldn't be better. Congratulations on the material that was shown.