This talk will approach a theme that, for many of us, judge it unnecessary for our applications, but it has an extreme importance to accelerate the code review process, focusing only on business logic. Will be shown what are Coding Standards, how to implement a tool to automate this process and promote the debate that good practices in programming can become Coding Standard rules.


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Miro Svrtan at 18:21 on 10 May 2019

Talk has clear potential but speakers inexperience and/or nervousness was a cause of doing a 25minute talk in 9 minutes :(

Personally I feel that all of the 'basic' coding standards (like the ones defined with PSR1 &2) might not be that interesting as much as more advanced ones like lets say enforcing & fixing type related details (just an example) but from the perspective of the projects that did those 'more advanced' implementations.