This talk is for developers who want to know how to debug their code in a better way, through single step debugging, profiling, and simpler debugging tools. Xdebug is a PHP extension that implements many debugging aids and features. In this presentation we are going to look at this new version of Xdebug 3. The new version is a near total rewrite, and brings many improvements over its older releases. You will learn how to optimally use the new features and settings to make your development life easier. Besides introducing the redone functionality, we will also have a cursory look at how these features are implemented, just to provide a better understanding of what a debugging extension, can, and cannot do.


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Nice insight.

Great talk, I love those kinds of talks where people talk about something they're really passionate about.

It's great to see that Derick still has many good ideas and visions for XDebug, even after so many years. I fully agree that DX (Developer Experience) and better Usability is a very important point.

Thanks for the talk, nothing to improve! :-)

Samuele Lilli at 16:59 on 10 May 2019

Nice panoramic on next xdebug releases.
Good to know in advance how to tweak the current version and what we’ll have with nexts.

Shaun Walker at 15:23 on 11 May 2019

As someone who still needs to get in the habit of having XDebug as an everyday tool. I really liked this look at the current state and next step for XDebug. Especially the overview of how the networking works as that’s something that always trips me up.

The insight into how exactly breakpoints with the low level operations generated from PHP was also great to see.

Very excited for the future of XDebug. And would highly recommend others join me in supporting the patreon.

Nadia Sala at 11:50 on 16 May 2019

The talk was very interesting, full of ideas and explained really well by Derik, as always.
He covered all the news of xdebug3, its engine "under the hood" and well introduced its use.
I think this talk was fantastic both for people who already use xdebug and for beginners.