Well written instructions, informative comments throughout code, clearly scripted screencasts, and smart information architecture can take complex code and make it accessible to new developers. In the age of code sharing, this can be imperative to teaching the next generation of developers, passing along your code to successors, and help you better understand your own work.

When I was an engineer, helpful READMEs and other docs created by my colleagues were crucial to quick onboarding and coming back to old products. Now, as a full time technical writer, I rely on our engineers to be able to concisely explain how products work. From these experiences, it is essential that developers are empowered to write documentation.

In this talk we’ll discuss:
+ Why writing docs is important for engineers
+ Understanding your audience
+ Optimizing for the deliverable: READMEs, code comments, tutorials release notes, and more

We’ll also cover some tips for communicating about your past work to your future self.


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I won't be a Shakespeare and will say only.... amazing :)

Alessandro Lai at 15:59 on 8 Sep 2020

Very great content, and very well presented! The captioning was the cherry on the cake!

Jo Carter at 16:03 on 8 Sep 2020

Excellent. Plus good use of subtitles. Though I was amused by CFS and PDP ;)